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DoodleBob with the pencil
Species: Sponge (Drawn)
Address: Bikini Bottom
Gender: Male
Eye Color: White
Color: White


First Appearence: Frankendoodle
Voiced by: Paul Tibbitt
DoodleBob in his Pineapple House
DoodleBob in the book.

DoodleBob is a drawing by SpongeBob to trick Squidward. However, instead of tricking him, he starts hurting him. Then he runs away screaming and babbling utter nonsense. After that, SpongeBob and Patrick try to chase him down and, eventually, SpongeBob erases him. He missed a spot though! His arm!

The arm sneaks into SpongeBob's House and steals the Magic Pencil! Then he redraws himself but with evil eyebrows. Then they have a showdown in SpongeBob's House and he finds that DoodleBob gets stuck to a piece of paper. SpongeBob gets out his notebook and traps him. This makes DoodleBob happy because he was meant in the 2-Dimensional world. He is seen in the episode: Frankendoodle, and in the 2008 game SpongeBob Drawn to Life.


[edit] Looks

DoodleBob is a white and black drawing who looks similar to SpongeBob although his eyebrows were facing in a bad way. DoodleBob did not have a smile until the end. His teeth looked even buckier than SpongeBob's.

[edit] Life

DoodleBob had a short life in 3-D, but now he lives in the books, happy on SpongeBob's wall. DoodleBob had a house that was the equivalent to SpongeBob's.

Apparently, DoodleBob is very strong. He beat up Squidward by dunking him upside down. The thing is though, is that he was drawn by SpongeBob, but SpongeBob is very weak... He also would be quite strong because he could lift up a bowling ball and smashes Patrick like a bowling pin, but he does have 2 weaknesses, #1 is being erased, and #2 is paper. Patrick thought it was his birthday.

[edit] Voice

DoodleBob has a JibJab voice. it is low and always seemed irritated, angry, or out for revenge.

[edit] Defeat

DoodleBob's hand returns to SpongeBob house where it climbs lots of stairs. It goes to SpongeBob's room where it takes back the Magic Pencil! While he's drawing himself back SpongeBob notices and thinks the Pencil is Drawing itself a glass of water. Then he's shocked to see DoodleBob. DoodleBob draws himself angry eyebrows. He calls SpongeBob "Doodle" and calls himself "SpongeBob". He uses the Pencil and erases SpongeBob's pillow and part of his house! He erases the door and SpongeBob's nose, and half of SpongeBob's body! They fight over the Pencil, and it breaks in half. DoodleBob sharpens his half back into the Pencil. SpongeBob accidentally throws his on Squidward. DoodleBob then walks towards SpongeBob who drops some Paper on the ground. DoodleBob then walks on it and his foot gets stuck to the Paper (Remember he's a drawing). SpongeBob then slaps his Paper book on DoodleBob. DoodleBob makes one last scream. SpongeBob opens the Paper and sees DoodleBob. DoodleBob is at first still look like Sand but then Beautiful music comes when Magic changes him into part of the Paper. DoodleBob then smiles.

[edit] Trivia/Goofs

  • Why doesn't the DoodleBob moved when SpongeBob put him into the notebook?
  • An upcoming episode in season 9 will be titled DoodleBob Returns.

[edit] Quotes

  • "Meyohimeyoi!"
  • "Eemo wabawaba"
  • "You Doodle. Me SpongeBob!"
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